Anissa Elakel



"The Beauty of Perfection ÔÇô Anissa Turns the World Upside Down"

The Beauty of Perfection - Anissa Turns the World Upside Down
Anissa combines grace with strength and opens the audience's eyes to the beauty of perfection. The young artist doesn't need much for that: a cube. With this minimalist prop, passionate music, and her unique control over her body, Anissa creates worlds of play where familiar perspectives no longer hold meaning.

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Antik Trio


Ancient statues and impressive adagio acrobatics form the foundation of LaMetta group's Golden Performance. Golden statues come to life and merge in a meditative dance, creating ever-changing living images and powerful acrobatic pyramids.
The artists, moving in slow motion, create sculptures of timeless beauty that allow viewers to search for themselves or simply stand in admiration.

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Golden 20's Show


The roaring 20s come to life! Mr. Utz & Miss Anni are living masterpieces. They party, dance, and with their enthusiasm, they amaze the audience with incredible acrobatic performances, leaving everyone in awe...

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Duo Nuel


Handstand acrobatics meets tricking (which combines elements of martial arts, gymnastics, and breakdancing). Duo Nuel presents an extraordinary show act that combines handstand acrobatics with tricking, a particularly rare combination. The performance appears effortless and buoyant, showcasing elegance and perfect body control. Powerful and dynamic acrobatics alternate with subtle and visually poetic elements, creating a thrilling pas de deux of acrobatic art. It's an impressive and captivating show act.

Xmas Act

Christmas Act

Just like the first gingerbread cookies showing up in stores, we have a new show coming. With our friend Anissa, we created a great performance for the upcoming Christmas parties.

Anissa knows how to make people excited about presents. She's like a gift for the Christmas crowd, making everyone happy and thrilled with her amazing hand-balancing tricks!
(Text by: LaMetta)

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